With more and more eco events promoting their environmental credentials, we are playing our part by introducing the UK's first low carbon confetti effects.

Confetti Magic are delighted to announce their support for the Woodland Carbon project to create new woodland making spaces for wildlife and communities to enjoy.

We are removing some of our greenhouse gas emissions by helping the Woodland Trust through its Woodland Carbon project create 250m2 of new native woodland in the UK - enough to remove at least 10 tonnes of CO2. This is part of a strategic programme to reduce emissions wherever possible.

Additionally, the Woodland Carbon project is certified under the Woodland Carbon Code which is the UK's first ever government approved carbon certification scheme.

Our aim is to have the lowest carbon footprint of any special effects company in the UK. Offsetting is only part of our plan. We recycle everything we can, including the the steel cylinders in our confetti cannons, all our packaging is biodegradable and we use air launched, rather than CO2 powered confetti cannons and confetti blasters wherever possible.

Green events are the future of the industry and we aim to be at the forefront by giving organisers a low carbon option when choosing their special effects supplier.

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