Festivals are an emerging market for T-shirt Cannons so still offer sponsors a rarely seen way to reach out to the crowd, whether it’s from the main stage between acts or as a roaming team around the festival site.

As the audience gather for the next act and the stage is reset, this is the perfect time to take to the stage and fire some freebies. Excitement levels are high and you have the audience’s undivided attention.

From a stage, you can easily reach an impressive 50m into the crowd.

As a mobile activation, we reduce the range and fire to smaller groups gathered in front of us. Still firing high for maximum impact, the T-shirts then flutter down safely.

Vimto fired T-shirts from the stage throughout the Fusion Festival. Having delivered the equipment to site and provided on-site training, we left their team to manage the firing throughout the event.

For Paddy Power at Brighton Pride, a team of winged ‘Paddy’s Angels’ roamed the site, firing over 1000 rainbow ‘Lucky Pants’ to festival goers throughout the day. They were so popular that people immediately started wearing them over their jeans and shorts. A great result for the sponsor!

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