Sporting events are ahead of the game when it comes to recognising the potential T-shirt cannons have for sponsors to engage their audience.

With a team of promo staff, we walk around the pitch or track side, stopping to gee-up the audience – encouraging them to cheer, wave their arms and dance in return for a volley of T-shirts.

Depending on the sport, we may fire for 15 minutes pre-match and at half time, or fast and furious bursts of action throughout the game, like at The NFL.

We have provided T-shirt cannons for football, motor racing, rugby, tennis, athletics, hockey, American football, baseball, horse racing, cycling, swimming, speedway, Ultimate Strongman, badminton and cricket. And the list continues to grow.

We work on an average rate of 4 T-shirts per cannon per minute. A team of two firers and one supervisor can cover a whole stadium in 15 minutes, firing a total of 120 T-shirts. Sponsor’s T-shirts are the usual choice, but flags are a great alternative. - The UK Home of the T-shirt Gun

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