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Bleacher Reacher T-Shirt Launcher Hire

The Bleacher Reacher is the original hand-held T-Shirt Cannon. It’s larger size provides more power to reach up to an astounding 100m. Each shot can be varied by the operator to target a different part of the audience to make sure everyone gets to join in.

The Bleacher Reacher is the ideal T-Shirt Launcher for large stadiums, major festivals and arenas where the promotional items can reach the upper tiers with ease.

The Bleacher Reacher is available to hire with our crew unless you have prior experience or training in using this equipment.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: Barrel 88mm W (82mm i.d.) x 310mm L (700mm overall)
Weight: 3kg
Performance: Average of 40 shots per CO2 bottle
Distance: 20m to 100m
Power: Compressed CO2

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