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MicroMini Adaptor T-Shirt Launcher Hire

Combining all the great features of the MicroMini T-Shirt Launcher with the added flexibility of a removable, narrower barrel to expand the possibilities with a wider range of promotional items. The MicroMini Adaptor T-Shirt Cannon is available either with our crew or for dry hire.

It’s great to be different so why not turn your T-shirt Gun into a Candy Cannon, Flag Firer, Streamer Shooter or even a Logobug Launcher – all possible thanks to the MicroMini Adaptor.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: Barrel 58mm W (50mm i.d.) x 500mm L (660mm overall)
Weight: 2kg
Performance: Average of 70 shots per CO2 bottle
Distance: 10m to 50m
Power: Compressed CO2 - The UK Home of the T-shirt Gun

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