Our T-shirt cannons help spread the message #LetGirlsPlay at women's football international

#LetGirlsPlay with T-shirt cannons

Tuesday 11 October, 2022

Our T-shirt cannons and crew were in action at Brighton Community Stadium for the England – Czech Republic International, helping to spread the message #LetGirlsPlay.

Our team of sharp shooters had their work cut out to fire over 700 T-shirts during two sessions; pre match and at half time.

Working flat out and double-loading the barrels with two T-shirts at a time, we managed to cover the whole stadium on both sessions, giving everyone a chance to grab a free T.

With two supervisors loading four T-shirt launchers, we weren’t able to carry that number of T-shirts, so we split the sessions into four and placed bags of T-shirts in the corners so we could grab reloads as we walked around.

To kick things off, the TV cameras focused on the team with our very own Mikey proudly sporting one of the T-shirts. With the interviewer giving the cue, we were off with the family audience shouting and waving their arms to gain the attention of the team.

The official England Football merchandise went down a storm and added to the already electric atmosphere.

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