Major League Baseball are back in the UK with their new event, the Home Run Derby X

MLB Home Run Derby X 2022

Monday 18 July, 2022

Having provided T-shirt cannons for their last event in Hyde Park, were invited to the new venue in Crystal Palace to provide some excitement at the end of the event.

We delivered a complete package with four promo staff firing the T-shirt cannons and one supervisor providing training and technical support whilst reloading the cannons after each shot.

FTX Home Run Derby X (HRDX) is a new global event concept designed by Major League Baseball, to reach new audiences and in 2022 will launch in London, Seoul and Mexico City.

The London Event was the first of the new format. The event itself featured 4 Home Run Derby X games, a new short-form of traditional Baseball that is an expansion of the popular All-Star Home Run Derby.

In 2022, the teams taking part in Home Run Derby X are some of the biggest in the MLB: Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, LA Dodgers and the New York Yankees.

Each event will see a full one-day competition between these four teams, with a winner being crowned in a final towards the end of the day. Each event contributes to a League Table with an overall 2022 Season winner being named in Mexico City.

While the sporting gameplay will be the main focus of the event, there will be many other activities on the day to attract and excite audiences.

Hosted in a festival environment, HRDX London featured host DJs, baseball themed activities for visitors, ball-park inspired food and drink, merchandise and sponsor stands, culminating in a set by AJ Tracey.

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