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Party Patrol - 5 years @ NFL London

Monday 30 October, 2017

The Party Patrol UK celebrate their 5th birthday as NFL celebrate 10 years in London. 

Another season at The NFL International Series is complete and what an amazing season it was! With sell-out crowds at both Wembley and Twickenham, the atmosphere has been electric.

Throughout the four games, we have delighted the fans with 4000 T-shirts launched from a battery of sixteen T-shirt cannons, expertly fired by The Party Patrol girls.

With only 90 seconds available each quarter to cover the entire stadium, the teams stand-by in each corner, raring to go on cue with a rapid-fire volley of T-shirts the moment the signal is given.

As the screens flash up the ‘Party Patrol’ graphics and the music starts, the fans vie to shout and scream the loudest to get the attention of the shooters and when you’re competing against more than 70,000 other eager fans, that takes quite some doing! - The UK Home of the T-shirt Gun

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