Party Patrol stand ready with their T-shirt cannons at the NFL - Wembley

Party Patrol Score A Hat Trick At Wembley

Monday 29 October, 2018

The Party Patrol scored their own hat trick at the 2018 NFL London Series at Wembley, with a team of 16 T-shirt cannons successfully launching over 1000 T-shirts per game.

On three consecutive Sundays in October, the Party Patrol danced and entertained the crowds with a fast and furious volley of limited-edition, game-specific T-shirts, once every quarter throughout the game.

With each session no longer than 2 minutes per time-out, the team had to maintain a fire rate of over 2 shots per second between them!

Our supervisors had their work cut out keeping the firers loaded. As fast as our crew could load the T-shirts into the cannons, the shots were flying and the firers coming back for more.

Before any of this can happen, we spend hours carefully rolling each T-shirt and securing them with elastic bands, ranging each T-shirt cannon so that they safely operate within the agreed areas and training the cheerleaders on how to safely use the T-shirt cannons.

The teams then position themselves, one in each corner and stand-by ready for the cue. As the screens flash up our ‘Party Patrol’ graphics, the announcement goes out and the action starts with a run in front of the stands along with Powerisers and booming soundtrack.

At half time, it’s everyone back to base for new CO2 cylinders and another bag of T-shirts.

NFL is one of the highlights of our year. In front of a sell-out crowd of 85, 870, the atmosphere is electric and the Party Patrol’s reception from the crowd, phenomenal. - The UK Home of the T-shirt Gun

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