Tshirtgun.co.uk launch scarves to the fans at Chelsea's Boxing Day match

T-shirt Cannons Add Scarves To Their Repertoire

Thursday 2 January, 2020

On a chilly Boxing Day morning, while everyone else was tucked up in bed, lamenting the amount of food they consumed the day before, our team of T-shirt Cannon specialists were on their way to Stamford Bridge for Chelsea’s match against Southampton.

The scarves had been sent to us in advance and we had pre-rolled over 400 so the team were prepped and ready to launch the bounty to the loyal fans.

Scarves were a new one on us, so we performed test shots beforehand to ensure that they would fit down the MicroMini T-shirt gun’s barrel. In actual fact, they were a very snug fit so we could reduce the pressure and still punt them consistently to the back of the stands when required.

With the firing crew supplied by the event organiser, we provided on-site training and kept a close eye on the operation to ensure that everything ran smoothly and the T-shirt cannons were used safely.

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