T-Shirt Guns of TFI Friday

TFI returns, all guns blazing!

Wednesday 9 December, 2015

Following Chris’ first experience of our T-shirt launchers on The One Show, he has been back for more.

First time around, he was firing marshmallows over the audience at CarFest along with Alex Jones and guests. Apart from the being a bit sticky afterwards, the T-shirt launchers performed perfectly.

This time, not happy with just soft, fluffy sweets, he has been using our T-shirt cannons to blast the audience with Wotsits. Again, they worked a treat (please excuse the pun) but de-cheesing them afterwards takes forever.

His latest genius idea for the time-strapped TV presenter is to get your guests to decorate your Christmas tree for you. Using T-shirt guns loaded with tinsel and decorations, Kylie Minogue and Daniel Radcliff took aim to at the naked tree to liven it up in an instant. With no more than a swift pull of the trigger, the job was done - and all with only a faint lingering smell of cheese…

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