Take the stress out of promoting your brand with our new Stress Ball Cannons.

Stress Ball Cannon Hire

Stress Ball Cannon Hire

If you are looking for an alternative to firing T-shirts, our Stress Ball Cannons are a great option.

The unique magazine allows you to load up to 6 shots and with pump action reload and auto recharge, you can maintain a rapid rate of fire and reach an even wider audience.

With a huge range of stress ball designs available including rugby balls and cricket balls, snowmen and pumpkins - and with custom branding as standard, you are sure to find the perfect combination to delight the crowd.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: Barrel 70mm i.d. (590mm L x 580mm H overall)
Weight: 3.41kg
Performance: Average of 100 shots per CO2 bottle
Distance: Up to 90m
Power: Compressed CO2

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