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T-shirt Gatling Gun Hire

The T-shirt Gatling Gun is as impressive to look at as it is in action. With the magazine fully loaded and twelve barrels aimed skywards, the anticipation is palpable.

When the moment arrives, turning the handle unleashes a torrent of twelve T-shirts to rain down on the audience in under 10 seconds.

The wheeled base enables rapid redeployment and with a full reload in under 30 seconds, we are ready to go again into another area of the crowd.

The range can be set up to 50 metres and fired from the pitch or festival stage, the impact is unbelievable.

Add custom branding to the stand and you have the perfect advertising space to promote your brand or message to your audience in a way they won’t forget.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: Barrel 88mm W (82mm i.d.) x 310mm L (480mm overall)
Weight: 66kg excluding gas cylinder - 88kg with cylinder
Performance: 5 sessions of 12 shots (60 shots) per cylinder
Distance: Up to 50m
Power: Compressed CO2

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