T-shirt cannons are used for launching clothes during the filming of an advert for NatWest competition winners, thelittleloop

Sun, Sea, Sand and T-shirt Guns?

Friday 12 November, 2021

On a hot spring day in April, Tshirtgun.co.uk were invited down to Camber Sands to help film an advert for one of three SMEs who won a £150,000 TV advert from NatWest.

Thelittleloop offers a unique approach to clothing rental for children aged between 18 months and 7 years, partnering with quality brands to help reduce the environmental impact of dressing kids.

The brief was to have clothing raining down from the sky, with children running and catching the items as they fall. With no power and nothing but sea and sand as far as the eye could see, a light weight and portable launch system was required. T-shirt cannons were the perfect solution.

With the crew armed and bags of clothes to hand, we began launching the clothing high into the sky. I’m not going to lie and say that we got it in the first take, in fact we fired take after take, from different angles and with different numbers of cannons to get the perfect shots.

With the clothes randomly loaded into the barrels, every take was different with the clothes opening up and fluttering down in a different way each time.

This is another example of how T-shirt cannons can be used in ways other than just at live events. Film and TV productions are increasingly reaching for T-shirt cannons to fire everything from cake to petals, both in front of the camera and to fire into shot.

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